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Wee Chai Liu

Thank you to the teacher and all the staff that been patience and guide my daughter all the way. I felt happy and touched because I can see her improvement. Now, she have more eyes contact and want to communicate with others. she also can doing his own task on long time compared to last time that only can sit down and do task not more than half hours. She can concentrate more now and will ask for something. I felt happy she likes go to school meet teacher and friends. she like the atmosphere over there.
  Customer's Review  

Wang Lening

我有個天生性心臟疾病的孩子,動了許多手術,身心靈發展嚴重遲緩,當初為了他的早療學習吃盡苦頭,尋找了許多的中心,都無法符合身為特寶媽媽偶的要求。但經過一家補習中心推薦,讓我們找到這家joyous kiddy ,一開始是被環境吸引,寬暢的空間,乾淨的環境,特別看見院長老師們的親切吸引。
再次藉著這裏謝謝院長,evon,teacher Lee jia ,teacher jiva 和助理antie,你們真的是一個有默契且認真努力的team ,能認識你們這群貴人是我與孩子的福氣。感謝主,我們擁有這麼棒的早療學校環境。大愛你們哦。
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Yuri Lim

At first, i thinking whether i should send my 2 yrs old child to preschool anot. I worry alot of things. She barely speak at that time n she like to cry a lot. but after i sent her to this Joyous Kiddy Preschool, just a few mths she improved a lot. She can now play with others n sing. Thanks to teacher Ong who hv patience towards her. I remember my baby cry alot in the first few weeks n keep sticking to Teacher Ong. Thanks to her so much for taking care of my little monster. My baby oso likes her very much.
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Mdm. Pearlyn Teo

My daughter, 6 years old. She dislikes reading storybooks when she was young at 3 years old. After being introduced to GrapeSEED English Program at school, she loves to tell me about GrapeSEED songs and to read her GrapeSEED story to me every day. She would always read together with her younger brother every night too.
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Chiar Sin Yee 

Highly recommended to parents who are working and need trustworthy infant care center to take care of their babies. Teacher Evon and teacher Ong are responsible, friendly, helpful and affectionate with kids. My baby is 7 months old and he adapts to the environment fast with helps of 2 teachers. Not only babysitting, teachers help my boy to develop social skills, sensory skills and motor skills too. One more point to highlight is they are using an app which updates baby's activities in real time. It puts parents at ease and baby is happy developing there too!
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Vivien Ng

首先,我要对Ms.Shukla说声谢谢,谢谢你的真心,细心和你的专业教导我这autism的女儿。在这短短的六个月里 ,女儿开始学习与人沟通,听取指示,注意力也有改善,写字也进步了,也开始学会自立,自信。很多事情以前不敢尝试的,现在却大胆的去做了。

最后,我很感恩,让我遇到了Joyous kiddy KL Pudu,我很放心,也相信在你们的教导下,女儿会有更多的改变。
  Customer's Review  

Christine Ee

Dedicated, friendly and kind teachers. Always ever ready to help and give feedback about child development. As a parent to a 6 yr old autistic child, I have been learning many useful tips. With the assistance of the teachers, I see him improving bit by bit, day by day.
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Hui Fang

The thing I love the most about JK is that the teachers truly care about and love my children. I could think of no better place to give my kids a head start in life. JK also provides a clean environment, small teacher and student ratio and safe place for my children to learn and grow together.
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Mark Thin

Skillful teacher and well designed programme is all my son needs. My boy gets more independence and self motivated on his daily task after attended 1 month EIP. Looking forward to his improvement in the future with joyous kiddy learning centre.
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HouseG Ent. - Navi Lowski

Professional, attentive and trustworthy. Our kids are in good hands.
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Rising Stone

High quality education for kids at affordable pricing!
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Imam Shaik

Good place for kids developmental education. Specially for special need childrens. Staff is supportive and caring.
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Best place for kids.
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Peng Heng Koh

They are very professional.
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ladeal digital

A trusted preschool that is highly recommended.
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