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Our Philosophy (公司理念)

Five Tenets of Inclusive Education (SEEDS)

At Joyous Kiddy, we want to ensure Students’ success and achievement; we want to encourage parents’ involvement in Education; we want to create students’ & collaborating partners’ pathways to Employment; we want to provide teachers’ professional Development program; we want to award Sponsorship to aid a student.

We uphold the belief that we can successfully deliver an inclusive-education that will benefit every partner involved if each of the abovementioned elements is being integrated.

To us, education is like planting seeds, when water with knowledge and love, the seeds will eventually sprout into strong and beautiful trees. At Joyous Kiddy, our well-trained and patient teachers are like gardeners, we are able to see the potentials in those young seedlings and we give special tender loving care to watch them develop, grow, and bloom.

SEEDS is also the acronym for our philosophy in Inclusive Education. We believe that these five principles will provide all students with the most appropriate learning environment and opportunities for them to realize their potential. All students grow and get to reach their full potential given opportunity, effective teaching and appropriate resources.

Students’ success and achievement

To nurture a safe and trusting environment that every single one of our students will gain better social cognition, improve self-concept, develop personal moral and ethical principles, as well as strengthen warm and caring friendships.

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From Joyous Kiddy Therapy Centre to Joyous Kiddy Pre-school, we are a one-stop child development hub that delivers and maximize effective interventions for optimal development of young children. Our orientation towards inclusive education provides learners a complete education experience in a positive, supportive, caring, and respectful environment.

Joyous Kiddy Therapy Centre
Joyous Kiddy Therapy Center is a One-Stop Development Center for all children (0-18 years old).

We Empower, Embrace and Enhance holistic child development through individualized programs, community support programs, enrichment lessons including professional training for parents, teachers and professionals.
Our team consists of qualified Occupational Therapists, qualified Speech Therapists, experienced Psychologists, competent Teachers and skilled Assistants to be with you alongside this journey of parenthood and joyous growing! We are professionals serving you with our vast experience.

Services that we provide:
  • Holistic Competency Tests
  • Enrichment Classes
  • Group Activities
  • Individualized Occupational Therapy Sessions (individuals, pairs, groups)
  • Individualized Speech Therapy Sessions (individuals, pairs, groups) 
  • Child Development Programs (CDP)
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Home-Based Programs (bringing therapy to your home)
  • Community Support Programs:
    • School Support (kindergartens, primary schools, academic centers, secondary schools)
    • Community Empowering Project: educational handbook, talks, seminars, workshops, campaigns and events
    • Partnership with healthcare professionals, government and non-government organizations and other community resources
(Learn more about Joyous Kiddy Therapy Centre)

Joyous Kiddy Pre-school
JOYOUS KIDDY PRESCHOOL is a friendly, modern preschool that has been established since 2017. We promote relaxed and happy atmosphere focusing on “Learning through Play” within a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment.

We are open for aged 3 to 6 years old children and predominantly serve the surrounding areas. Run by a professional team, we work within the international early year framework and National Standard Preschool Curriculum (KSPK) framework, we hope to provide a new learning experience for our precious children.

(Learn More about Joyous Kiddy Pre-school)

Parents’ involvement in Education

Whether or not you are a new parent of your first child, or two, or more. It is always nerve-wracking for the majority of parents out there because we are all nervous about making the wrong choice for our little ones. Here at Joyous Kiddy, we have created our very own rich and interactive online TV programme “Joyous TV”. Through this channel, we aim to provide the help that will assist you along with the journey parenthood.

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Through our rich and engaging online TV programme “Joyous Kiddy TV”, parents are encouraged to take on the opportunity to reinforce skills taught in the classroom. In a series of videos, you can learn about the concept of our institution’s cornerstone – inclusive education, or daily activities you can play with your children to promote their learning, as well as parenting tips to raise a well-rounded kid.

Joyous Kiddy TV

What can I learn from these videos?
At Joyous Kiddy, we firmly believe that parents’ involvement helps create a more positive experience for children and thus help students to learn better. However, we also understand that parents are already very busy coping with works and household chores. As a result, we would like to provide quick and effective tips to help answer a set of issues and concerns generally raised by parents.
Available for Limited Time
If you upgrade to our premium subscription now at $x.xx/ month, you can enjoy all of our exclusive educational content, on top of that, you can also download to watch them offline too. 

Pathways to Employment

Making the transition from schooling into post-school employment or training can be particularly difficult and challenging for young people who require special needs. At Joyous Kiddy, we help students to acquire realistic occupational and independent living goals. We provide comprehensive transdisciplinary approach that goes hand-in-hand with preparing students to obtain the ticket to work.

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In line with Joyous Kiddy’s Connected Communities strategy of one of the principles of inclusive education, at Joyous Kiddy, we offer Transition-to-Work programs for our students as well as parent educational counselling program to parents.

Transition-to-Work Program
At Joyous Kiddy, we make all efforts to support our students on their journey to employment and independent living goal. Our Transition-to-Work program is an employment service which provides pre-employment support to improve the work-readiness of our students and help them to work.
How will this program benefit me?
Once you have been enrolled in Transition-to-Work program, we will assign a coach to assist and work with you to develop a career pathway that meets your needs and interests.

With us, our students can benefit from:
  • Individualized Transition
    We will listen to your needs and work with you to identify your career goals and build the confidence to transition into your chosen pathway.
  • Devoted Coach
    Our coach cares about you and thus shares with you the guidance and assistance as you work towards your goals.
  • Real-World Experience
    We work with numerous agencies thus we will be able to provide hands-on experience for you through work placements or internships.
  • Respect
    It is all about respect and we will always work collaboratively with you and ensure that you will always be welcome, in a safe and included environment.

Parent Educational Counselling Program
In our parent educational counselling program, you can be trained to be a counselor who will offer information and parent-to-parent support to other parents in need. The area of expertise is children and parent support.

Our trained special education counselors may help in:
  • establishing networks with other families in their local community;
  • running local support group meetings;
  • getting information about services which may help in their parenting role.
Our community educators may help in:
  • developing and delivering special education programs;
  • running local support group meetings;
  • applying knowledge and expertise to help parents resolve problems encountered.

How can I become a counsellor?
If you are looking for a rewarding role in our parent educational counselling program, we’d love to have you join our team!

With our traineeship you can become a qualified:
  • special education counsellor
  • community educator
Our traineeships help you to develop skills for your future career and you will be on board with a passionate and committed team to reduce stigma related to special education.

Teachers’ Professional Development Program

Considerable evidence point to the single conclusion that ongoing professional development for teachers is crucial in strengthening teachers’ capabilities in tacking different types of learning difficulties faced by students or to implement effective teaching and learning strategies for the diversity of students they will encounter

Joyous Kiddy understands understand the importance of investing in teachers’ development programs. With the establishment of Joyous Learning Academy, we take the initiative to provide continuous educational supports to more teachers.

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At Joyous Academy, we offer face-to-face and online programs to provide new and existing teachers opportunities to gain further qualifications and skills to teach in additional specialist areas or move into a new area of teaching.

All of our teachers’ professional development programs place emphasis on:
  • Exploring teaching and learning strategies and their implementation in Early childhood education and special education.
  • Developing teachers’ approaches to supporting learners and peers.
  • Developing knowledge and use of teaching resources, including digital resources.

Sponsorship to aid a student

We would like to provide the never-ending gift of education to every student in need to gain access to quality education. We set up Joyous Sponsorship to ensure all students have equal opportunities to develop their abilities and reach their potential. This means more children can participate in education and can succeed and prosper throughout their lives.

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Joyous Kiddy is a One-Stop child development hub dedicated to provide holistic care approaches to children of ages 0-18 years old. Our model is to cultivate a community-based care program, which works together with the children, their families, teachers, and/or guardians in need of required services at Joyous Kiddy.
Together, we can help children with special needs,
In Joyous Kiddy, we offer the opportunity to sponsor a child’s therapy. This support will help to provide services (at an affordable and subsidized fee) to those in need.

A case manager will be assigned to carefully assess the need and eligibility of the child for the means of sponsor through a means-test. This method will consider the household’s monthly income per person. By family members living in the household, it refers to all related family members staying at the same residential address with the child. The calculated per capita monthly household income will determine if the child is eligible for 50% subsidy of their total cost of therapy.

To be eligible for the sponsorship program, families will also have to agree to stringent terms and conditions. (Refer to Joyous Kiddy Subsidy Program Application Form for terms and conditions)

This model helps to lift them out of their current financial situation by giving them hope and opportunity for a brighter future!

Your contributions will give a child and family:
Highly qualified, compassionate professionals are assigned to your sponsored child and his/her family. Hope for the future starts here!
With therapy, confidence and a restored sense of value- you have launched this child on a journey to live to his/her fullest, God-given potential!
A plan is created for each child including therapy/educational needs, family and community training and required home/school visits.